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There are many options you can get your mortgage through nowadays, banks, mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers; they all have their advantages and disadvantages.   The reason Justin Scott NMLS 878581 works as a broker in this current market is because mortgage brokers are able to meet and exceed the competitors’ offers.  Bank lending programs are obligated to make set profits, and will turn away applicants with tainted pasts.  A mortgage broker doesn’t have the same mentality towards clients, they often can work with the loans that the banks will not.  But more importantly, mortgage brokers provide a customer service aspect that the bank and other bankers do not.  Mortgage brokers are focused on volume as opposed to maximizing the profit level of each individual client.  This is how mortgage brokers are able to retain a purely referral based business.  If you have questions I would love to talk more with you, or your family.

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In addition there are options available through the FHA and VA, that require NO APPRAISAL, and very limited income documentation.  Basically the FHA / VA want to know that you have been making your last 6-12 months payments on time, with no penalty; and that if there is any cash to close, you have it covered in your bank.  These refinances are discounted on their cost, and are called streamline refinances.

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