Mortgage Rates at All Time Low


Did you know that interest rates are lower now than they were during the great depression?  That is right, rates are lower now than the worst economic time in America’s history.  So, if you’ve been on the fence about buying a home or refinancing, maybe you should consider acting now. With 30 year fixed rates… [Read More]

Do Not Regret Your Refinance


When  is the best time to refinance your mortgage?  It can be a daunting task to predict if rates will continue to decline, or are you running the risk of them going up? The truth is it depends on you. I’ve seen people who refinanced in late 2019 take another swing as rates continue to decline.,… [Read More]

Buying a Home From Your Parents or Family


When you make the decision to buy a home it’s filled with a whirlwind of emotions and decisions.  One of these decisions is who to buy the house from.  If you have the opportunity to purchase it from a family member it has it’s benefits and disadvantages. It’s called a “Non Arms – Length” Transaction… [Read More]

Are You a Veteran? Save Now.


VA loans give veterans an advantage over other home buyers because they require no downpayment and they’re government guaranteed.  This means there is also no mortgage insurance.  This affords the home buyer / veteran a lower payment and a lower interest rate. If you’re already in the home with a VA loan you are entitled… [Read More]

3 Things Refinancing Can Do For You


People have been refinancing like crazy lately, with rates the lowest they’ve been in years it’s no wonder.  People are saving money, over the course of the last month I’ve noticed several of those clients ask me the same question: “What is the benefit of refinancing?” It dawned on me that many people probably don’t… [Read More]

A Few Reasons You Should Buy in The Winter Months


It’s no secret the market slows down once Fall and Winter hit, this is because so many buyers feel the season is over and the market dried up.  But the smart few understand this is their opportunity to save big money.  We can agree it’s not ideal to move in the Winter, but if you… [Read More]