Here is Your Back to School Handbook

It’s that time of year again, those of us with children now divert from the routine summer schedule and segue in to the hectic fall schedule.  With the majority of Northeast Wisconsin’s children going back to school between 8/28 – 9/3/2019 we have some items to take care of immediately.

School Shopping

As if Christmas isn’t expensive enough we not have school shopping.  If you’ve ever witnessed the bill at the end of this spree, you understand how important deals and coupons are. That’s why I included a list of Green Bay’s best back to school coupons. Hopefully you can use this site to drum up some savings on the essentials (and maybe a few non-essentials)

Organizing Transportation

This is always a difficult one for our family, the clocks change and we suddenly have places to be far earlier in the morning.  So that’s the beauty of school bus routes, but those change yearly.  So I included the Green Bay School District 2019 Bus Routes, it’s a handy app you can download.  It will tell you a ridiculous amount of information including times and routes.  Hope this helps!


 Teacher Communication

Sometimes it’s difficult keeping it all together with the constant emails and packets of information getting sent home (if your child even gets it home!)  So Green bay has made a neat app that informs parents of news, events and scheduling.  It’s the New District Mobile App and can be downloaded here.



The dreaded word that every child fears all summer!  It doesn’t have to be such a chore for children and parents alike.  It’s important to have an organized homework schedule and system in place.  Get in the routine early on and the rest of the year will be much easier.  Good Habits are developed early on!


The Take Away

I hope this covers the major items required for your little ones to get back to school, it can be expensive so ensure you can budget well too.  Mortgage rates are incredibly low so when you get the children in order , come in and talk about refinancing or buying a new home.

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