Money Saving Phone Apps You Can Use Every Day

Saving money is always a priority, but sometimes it feels out of reach.  With everything increasing except your paycheck you can easily find yourself limited.  We can still utilize the traditional methods of saving money, but embrace technology to assist with some more contemporary ways as well.  Here are some apps you can use to save money just by doing the things you do.

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With so many tools that range from automatically saving your change from a purchase to allocating it to an interest bearing account, incorporating this app can effortlessly help you save up spare change on the purchases you already make.  It also has a pre-built investing platform that you can use to invest the money you save.  You can check out more by clicking here.


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A good saving application, you can predetermine your financial goals and it will automatically set aside a portion of your income and spending to save for this goal.  People are using it for things like vacations, student loans and cars.  Just adjust the settings how aggressively you want to save and the time limit you have, and Digit does the rest.  Learn more here.


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Not as much focused on investing as it is saving, pocketguard links to your credit cards and bank accounts (securely) to gauge your spending habits.  It creates reports and tips on how to reduce spending and increase savings.  More of a day to day app used to get into proper habits and avoid wasteful costs.  you can learn more here.



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