Preparing Your Home For Fall

As summer draws to end we see colder winds and blustery rainstorms becoming more common.  These are signs of colder weather to come, as we all know Fall and Winter can be one of the more damaging seasons.  In preparation for the upcoming cold fronts here is are some basic tasks you can do to help your home.

Outside The Home

1. Repair damaged concrete

Cracks and splits in your driveway or other concrete will allow water to seep in, when water freezes it expands; further damaging the concrete.  Using an epoxy patch specially designed for your exterior concrete is a good way to prevent this.

Damaged concrete can be expensive if left unfixed

2. Gutters

This is something you can be doing during the warm months, you don’t have to wait until Fall.  But we see a greater buildup of junk in our gutters after the trees shed their leaves.  Make sure to get on your roof, or a ladder, and visually inspect and clean your gutters.  While you are up there look for signs of damaged shingles and roof repair.

Cleaning out gutters today can prevent expensive roof repair down the road.

3. Winterize

Winterizing is a good practice to start BEFORE it gets cold.  We’re done watering out lawns and playing with water balloons.  Walking around the house and ensuring all exterior home valves are shut off can save plumbing expenses later.

4. Compost

Fall is a good time to start composting, all the dead material will compost nicely for your garden next year.  Here are some tips on composting. 

5. Bring in that exterior furniture.

It might be time to consider bringing in that outdoor furniture, cleaning it and putting it away.

6. Plant Plant Plant

Now is the time to plant fall bulbs so you have a beautiful display next year.  Here are a list of fall planters you can start on this year.

Fall Perennials are a great addition to your homes curb appeal


Inside The Home

1) Get your mechanical devices in order

Now is a good time to get your furnace checked and make sure it’s in good running order.  Check your water heater to make sure it’s working.  You don’t want these things quitting in the cold weather.  Here is a video on DIY furnace checking:

2) Seal it up

With the cold winds rattling our windows and doors, it may be a good time to apply weather stripping and sealing around drafty areas in your house.


3) Clean your windows

Winter is notoriously dark, so cleaning your windows is a good way to ensure you capitalize on the reduced amount of light in the darker months.  A good interior / exterior cleaning is a start.



The Take Away

Owning a home is a big responsibility, and can be a lot of fun.  But it’s good to conquer small problems before they become big ones.  That’s why regular home maintenance is a good practice.  If you ever have any questions about the financing of your home, please feel free to  contact me directly.


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