Another Fall in Mortgage Rates?

There has been quite a bit of talk about the Federal Reserve cutting rates again.  With the last decade being substantially lower than they have been for many years, some are wondering why the rate cut?  When you dig into it a little more you can see the strategy behind it. We are experiencing an… [Read More]

Mortgage Rate Prediction 2019-2020

The Federal Reserve just conducted their 4th meeting of 2019.  These meetings discuss the direction of our financial policy and directly influence mortgage rates.  Over the last few years the reserve has kept rates low with a few rises here and there.  The goal has been to maintain the economy in the steadiest way possible. … [Read More]

Federal Reserve Meeting Calendar

Below are the meeting dates, PDF / HTML calendars and the summary of the meeting. 2018 FOMC Meetings January 30-31 Statement: PDF | HTML Implementation Note Longer-Run Goals and Policy Strategy Minutes: PDF | HTML (Released February 21, 2018) March 20-21* Statement: PDF | HTML Implementation Note Press Conference Projection Materials PDF | HTML Minutes: PDF | HTML (Released April 11, 2018) May 1-2 Statement: PDF | HTML… [Read More]