Why People Buy Homes


Why are you buying? This should be the first question you ask yourself before getting pre-qualified or doing any research.  What are the reasons you want a home?  There is no right answer to this question, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get their “piece of the pie”.  In the end it’s important to understand… [Read More]

Best Time For First Time Home Buyers


The 1980’s brought extraordinarily high interest rates in the double digits, the 90’s brought them down a little and we experienced a refinance boom.  As the 2000’s approached we saw Washington deregulating the mortgage industry in an effort to pull us out of the nosedive our economy was facing with the DOTCOM bubble.  The downside… [Read More]

Mortgage Brokers are Taking Back The Market


Back in November 2018 I wrote an article called What is a true mortgage broker?. It outlined the differences between the big banks and the independent companies like mine who can provide a mortgage for you.  Unfortunately, most people still think of their bank when getting a home, and that’s why mortgage brokers only have about 20%… [Read More]