Government Shutdown Not Affecting Real Estate Market

I’ve been hearing some concerns lately about the government shut down and how it will influence our mortgage loans.  The truth is, it hasn’t had any effect (yet).  Many of the government employees influenced are people that work in the parks departments, and other “non-essential” federally funded positions. Conventional Loans Conventional loans are not funded… [Read More]


WHEDA has been a great resource for first time and non-first time home buyers alike.  For many reasons this loan has become popular, probably due to it’s low rates and ability to avoid the down payment.  Some people prefer it because there is a no mortgage insurance option even with zero down payment.   Whatever… [Read More]

What Is a True Mortgage Broker?

Unless you live under a rock (like I do), you’ve probably heard the term “Mortgage Broker” get thrown around on more than one occasion. You may have heard good things, and you may have heard bad things… Opinions aside, a mortgage broker is essentially a middleman between the borrower/homeowner and the bank or mortgage lender…. [Read More]