Ways To Save Money This Summer

Summer can be the most expensive time of year, with events constantly going on there is a sudden burst of activity that wasn’t available 3 months ago.  It’s fun to experience as much of this as possible, considering we only get about 3 months of it, but it comes at a cost that can harp at the purse strings.  We are fortunate enough to live in an that promotes affordable lifestyles; we also have the great outdoors at our beck and call.  So here are some ways to save money this summer (and in the future)

 Save Money on Groceries

Food is one of the inescapable expenses we can expect every single month, we cannot avoid it.  But what we can avoid is paying a premium for items we do not need.  There are a variety of retailers you can get your food from but here is a list of the 6 cheapest food providers in America.

Saving money isn’t limited to WHERE you buy food, but also WHAT you buy for food.  Avoid purchasing unnecessary items  you don’t need, shop at wholesalers like COSTCO for bulk items like paper towels, toilet paper, things you will go through on a regular basis anyway.  Keeping an eye on deals and where to get them will end up saving you a lot of money down the road.

Cool it on the Air

Just like heating in the winter, cooling in the summer is a great expense.  If you can be a little more conservative with the temperature this summer you can save some big money too.  Plan your usage and avoid using the air during times you are not home, or keeping the temperature a little higher will help too.  You can also see the average cost to run an air conditioner per month here.

Avoid Mindless Spending

Retail therapy is sadly a term most of us know.  The reason it exists is due to the affluence of retails making it easy to spend our hard earned dollars.  Some spending is necessary, some is not.  You can probably tell the difference, but here is a list of the 10 most common frivolous expenses we encounter.

Cell Phones

Do we all need the newest iPhone?  Is there a better service provider out there that can cut your monthly cost.  I understand cell phones are a common practice and much needed in Today’s world, but there is a difference between the “wants” and “needs”,

Avoid Renting

This one might initially seem like B.S, especially because it’s written by “Green Bay’s Mortgage Lender”, but it’s true.  Millions of Americans are spending dollar after dollar on rent that will never return them a single dollar (and this coming from a landlord too).  The average apartment rent has grown over history, and will continue to do so.  If you want to position yourself to be in good financial standing in the future, buying a home will likely be part of that process.  There are programs available to anyone that assist with the down payment, you just need to work with a qualified expert to point you in the right direction.  That is usually the first (and hardest) step, you realize you probably want to purchase a home at some point; but where do you start?  I’ll make it easy:  Start Here.


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