Your Escrow Payments

It’s that time of year where real estate taxes get paid in Wisconsin.  The majority of people have their payments setup to disburse by the end of December.  Some people elect to have it paid twice a year, once in January, once in July.  If you are part of the majority this email is for you.

Your escrow payment can depend on the type of loan you have.  Some loans do not require escrow and some do. To check the type of loan you are in you can Contact me or look on your mortgage statement, the mortgage statement will also tell you if you are escrowing.

Conventional Loans / WHEDA Loan

If you are in a conventional loan you will have two options to pay your taxes.

1) The lender sends the bill to you, the check is made out to the treasurer.  You then go to the town clerk and pay.

2) The lender sends the check on your behalf.


FHA / VA/ USDA Loans

These loans are a little different.  FHA Loans only allow the lender to send the check directly for you. You will not receive a check and will not have to go pay the taxes with this check.


Check Your Mail

Regardless of the loan you are in, you will receive what looks like a bill for your real estate taxes.  I assure you, if you escrow this isn’t a bill.  This is the just a copy of the tax bill, keep it for your records.

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