The Closing Disclosure Process Explained

Hello, Earlier there was an article about the Loan Estimate Process, it explained the steps necessary to complete the beginning of your loan process.  But what about the end?  This article is intended to assist you with understanding the closing disclosure and the process associated with it.  I hope you find it helpful. Step 1:… [Read More]

TRID 3 Day Rule

What is TRID? Let’s break it down into real language What does TRID stand for?  TRID is the TILA / RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule.  Only in the mortgage world would we make an acronym out of acronyms… so let’s break this down a little further.  TILA is the Truth in Lending Act and RESPA is… [Read More]

Here Are The Average Real Estate Prices In Each State

Thinking of moving to a different state?  Would you buy a house there?  Here is some average listing / sale prices for homes in each state.  Can you guess which ones are the highest?   51. West Virginia Median listing price: $159,000 Median listing price per square foot: $94 50. Ohio Median listing price: $169,900 Median listing price… [Read More]

Here Is The Best Time To Sell Your Home (According To Zillow)

When is the best time to sell? Nationwide, the best time to sell a home to both maximize return and minimize time on the market is in the first half of May. However, other factors can influence the best time to put your house on the market, including the specifics of your local housing market,… [Read More]

21 Tips To Prepare Your House For Selling

How we live when we sell a house is different than how we live when we’re not.  A good real estate agent will tell you some tips and tricks to make your home more appealing, it’s important to be aware of how potential buyers perceive your home.  When a buyer walks into your home you… [Read More]

Avoid These 4 Debt Consolidation Pitfalls

I’ve written a lot about debt consolidation in the last several weeks because it’s a topic on a lot of peoples minds.  Some are hesitant to proceed because there is so much negative press around these loans.  To be fair there are many predatory companies ready to take your money and offer you nothing, to… [Read More]

4 Things To Know About Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation seems to be a hot topic as of late, with the federal reserve raising the cost of money some people can be feeling the pinch.  Increased rates means higher credit card interest rates, personal loans rates, mortgage and car rates.  It also could mean inflation, which is the cost of everything growing in… [Read More]

The Mortgage Disclosure Process Explained

Congratulations, you have officially begun your loan process.  You may be wondering what the next steps are because you’re receiving emails from me and your chosen lender.  I’ve written this to help you make sense of these emails and documents. Disclosures and Emails: You will now be receiving emails from an address you probably have never… [Read More]

15 Solid Life Hacks Your Kids Can Use

Life Hacks are not just for adults.  There are a few tricks that can apply to your daily life to organize and protect it.   Hopefully you find these useful! 1. Use plastic cups to cover hands. 2. Recycle coffee cups as paint and brush holder in one. 3 .Remove glassware rings with toothpaste. 4…. [Read More]