How to Get the Best Mortgage


When you are considering purchasing a home and you are speaking with your potential loan officer, it’s important to remember that transparency is very important.  Your LO (loan officer) wants to ensure the smoothest transaction possible, because no one likes issues during this very important moment in your life.  There may be things you don’t… [Read More]

Introducing a New First Time Home Buyer Loan


If you have been looking at homes you’ve probably heard the phrase “Home Ready” and “Home Possible”.   These are common first time home buyer loans because they only require a 3% down payment and have reduced mortgage insurance requirements.  What a lot of people do not know?  Home Ready and Home Possible are restricted by… [Read More]

Best Time For First Time Home Buyers


The 1980’s brought extraordinarily high interest rates in the double digits, the 90’s brought them down a little and we experienced a refinance boom.  As the 2000’s approached we saw Washington deregulating the mortgage industry in an effort to pull us out of the nosedive our economy was facing with the DOTCOM bubble.  The downside… [Read More]

Are You Missing The Refinance Boom?


With the market sustaining a healthy 10-20% increase in home values from 2016 until now, it opens up some unique doors for homeowners who bought in the 2014-2016 market.  If you were lucky enough to buy then you have a house and mortgage rate secured before the inevitable rise. This puts you in a good… [Read More]

First Time Buyer? Consider This…


The decision to buy a home isn’t one to be made lightly.  It’s a culmination of months (if not years) of thought and preparation, mentally asking yourself if this is an undertaking you are ready and willing to proceed with.  By the time you have come to the conclusion it’s the right time to buy… [Read More]

11 Common Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make


Deciding to purchase your first home is a big decision, one you are not taking lightly.  Most people approach this milestone with caution because they know the responsibility of home ownership.  Sometimes that caution can overshadow reason, the result can be a lack of action that is costly and frustrating.  So I put together this… [Read More]