Green Bay Summer Events

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Welcome to summer in Green Bay!  When we try to forget winter and heavy coats until hunting season comes around again.  While you’re working on those summer tans and weekend plans  here are some fun events you can fit into your busy schedules:  Badger State Block Party 2019 Sat, Jul 27, 12 – 10 PM… [Read More]

Make The Most of Your Apartment Space


The typical apartment ranges from 300 Square feet to 1,000/ square feet with the average apartment size in America being 889 square feet.  With our busy lifestyles and our habits for collecting things we can fill that space up very quickly, inevitably turning your apartment into an episode of “hoarders”.  Here are some tips to maximize the… [Read More]

How to make your offer STAND OUT to a seller


If you’ve spent any time looking at homes in the last two years you realize what kind of market we are in.  Houses are going faster than Jimmy Johns delivery and the offers are becoming hard to beat.  If you’ve had luck getting the home you want in this market congratulations, you probably spent a… [Read More]

How to cancel your FHA mortgage insurance

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In 20012 the FHA made the mortgage insurance on their loans temporary, it would cancel out when the borrower reached 22% equity.  In July of 2013 they changed that rule and made mortgage insurance permanent for any borrower who put less than 10% down on their purchase.  That means borrowers who put the minimum 3.5%… [Read More]

Down Payment Assistance Is Available Today


Over the last several months we have put effort into ensuring that clients who are eligible to receive down payment assistance receive it in all surrounding counties.   So we’ve partnered with many local resources ranging from Brown County through Manitowoc county.  With this effort we have been able to partner with new and exciting down… [Read More]

What Is My Home Worth?


Putting the data in your hands: We’ve designed a useful tool for realtors, lenders and clients alike.  A way to get a detailed report on your home and include the potential value.  The report covers a variety of information you may not have previously considered, including future value forecast, comparable properties that have sold recently… [Read More]

Real Estate Trends That Help Buyers and Sellers


If you haven’t noticed it’s been pretty crazy in the real estate world over the last 2 years.  Home prices are rising, interest rates are bouncing around, and buyers are getting frustrated.  The overwhelming feeling that buying a home in an impossible feat because it’s just too competitive.  But what if you had some data… [Read More]