Meteor Showers Happening Now

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who doesn’t appreciate a meteor shower, sometimes they can be obvious and sometimes you have to look for them.  Half the battle is being aware when they are happening, so using the power of social media I’ve created a list of 3 meteor showers you can fix your gaze… [Read More]

Money Saving Phone Apps You Can Use Every Day

Saving money is always a priority, but sometimes it feels out of reach.  With everything increasing except your paycheck you can easily find yourself limited.  We can still utilize the traditional methods of saving money, but embrace technology to assist with some more contemporary ways as well.  Here are some apps you can use to… [Read More]

Why are You Buying a Home?

This is a question I ask almost every client.  “Why are you buying a home?”.  I feel it’s a good question to gauge peoples reasoning for making this move.  Many understand the concepts of equity and you tend to get more square footage for your money with a home, some want to grow their family… [Read More]

How Long Does it Take to Buy a Home?

How long does it take to find, buy and close on a home?  This is a common question I get asked almost every meeting, particularly fro m first time home buyers.  It’s such a good question because it gives clients a time frame to prepare themselves for such a big event.  Because as you know… [Read More]

Documentation For Your Mortgage

Below is a list of documentation you should be gathering.  Please get it to me as soon as possible, some of it may not be relevant to you, please call with any questions. Necessary documentation for all borrowers on the loan: 2017 and 2018 federal tax returns. (we do not need state) if you want… [Read More]

Historic Real Estate in Green Bay Wis.

Green Bay is a city rich in history, it’s home to more than 50 historical buildings spread throughout the city.  Some buildings were constructed by architectural firms in the early 1900’s, some by people who used them as their personal living quarters far before that (as far back as 1838)  Here is a list of… [Read More]

Best Smokers For Your Summer

Sometimes you like to grill your food, sometimes you like to smoke it.  They both have that unique flavor, and when you have a traditional summer get together you can really exercise your “secret recipe”.  But if you’re dealing with a sub-par smoker your party will never fully enjoy it the way you anticipated.  So… [Read More]

Mortgage Rate Prediction 2019-2020

The Federal Reserve just conducted their 4th meeting of 2019.  These meetings discuss the direction of our financial policy and directly influence mortgage rates.  Over the last few years the reserve has kept rates low with a few rises here and there.  The goal has been to maintain the economy in the steadiest way possible. … [Read More]