3 Things Refinancing Can Do For You


People have been refinancing like crazy lately, with rates the lowest they’ve been in years it’s no wonder.  People are saving money, over the course of the last month I’ve noticed several of those clients ask me the same question: “What is the benefit of refinancing?” It dawned on me that many people probably don’t… [Read More]

Can You Get a Loan If Your Credit Is Below 620?


Around 30% of the U.S Population have a credit score that is considered “poor”.  That is below 620.  That means nearly a 1/3 of the population may consider themselves ineligible to get a home mortgage.  While it’s better to have a higher credit score, it is possible to get a mortgage with a credit score… [Read More]

How the legalization of Marijuana could affect real estate


Disclaimer:  This is a neutral article. The legalization of marijuana has been a hot topic for the last several years, with 23 states permitting the use for medical purposes, and 12 of those states permitting recreational use as well.  You have a good percentage of the population supporting the legalization for a variety of reasons… [Read More]

Cheaper To Refinance After 01/02/20


The holidays are upon us and usually the last thing on peoples minds are their homes and finances.  It’s a time we spend more freely and appreciate the non-material items (except the kids).  That being said we can all use a little monetary relief after the holiday season.  That’s why it’s actually cheaper to refinance… [Read More]

Your Escrow Payments


It’s that time of year where real estate taxes get paid in Wisconsin.  The majority of people have their payments setup to disburse by the end of December.  Some people elect to have it paid twice a year, once in January, once in July.  If you are part of the majority this email is for… [Read More]

Numbers Do Not Lie (Winter is the Best Time to Buy)


Winter tends to be the time of year we take time off from our busy schedules and slow down, the hustle of summer has subsided and we can take a breath to prepare for the colder months.  This is a good time to consider winterizing your home, arranging travel reservations for the upcoming holiday, or… [Read More]

Let’s Talk About Why You Want to Own a Home


A persons desire to own a home is motivated by different things, the reason  Before we get to far let it be known I make a living by helping people into homes, if people don’t buy homes I do not make money.  That being said I have learned how important ethic are in my job. … [Read More]