Let’s Talk About Why You Want to Own a Home


A persons desire to own a home is motivated by different things, the reason  Before we get to far let it be known I make a living by helping people into homes, if people don’t buy homes I do not make money.  That being said I have learned how important ethic are in my job. … [Read More]

A Few Reasons You Should Buy in The Winter Months


It’s no secret the market slows down once Fall and Winter hit, this is because so many buyers feel the season is over and the market dried up.  But the smart few understand this is their opportunity to save big money.  We can agree it’s not ideal to move in the Winter, but if you… [Read More]

Are You a Renter or a Buyer?


At some point in most peoples lives they have this question, am I the type of person who will own a home; or am I a renter?  While this can change over time it’s a question that can only be answered by you.  Both have advantages and disadvantages and the more you know about each… [Read More]

Celebrity Dream Homes


Ever wonder how the worlds most popular people live?  What kind of homes do they buy?  Well here is a quick list of a few celebrity homes (probably 2nd homes) that will make you wonder no more. Brad Pitt: Cost: 1.7 m 5,338 Square Feet Location: Los Feliz California Celine Dion Cost: 12.5 M Jupiter… [Read More]

Who are We?


There are a hundred places you can get a mortgage loan, some you probably know about (I.E banks and credit unions) and some you are unfamiliar with.  The beautiful part about the variety?  It is your choice.  If you’ are reading this the chances you are shopping around (which is a good thing) So why choose… [Read More]

Tips For Getting The Best Rate On Your Mortgage


Whether you are considering a home purchase or a refinance, there are some basic things you can do to ensure you are getting the best deal.  Some of them are obvious, and some not so much.  I wrote this quick guide in an effort to assist you in getting the best interest rate and cost… [Read More]

Rate Cuts Ahead


September 17th-18th will be the 6th Federal Reserve meeting to discuss the financial capability of our country and the price of money.  These decisions directly influence our interest rates.  It has been a well known fact that over the last two years the Federal Reserve has been getting pressure from the President to cut interest… [Read More]