The Barefoot Bucket Challenge


This time of year gives way to many feelings of charity and giving, so I wanted to share something that many of us feel strongly about.  It’s a tough gig defending the environment, and it can be an overwhelming task.  So I think this challenge is something everyone can get on board with, you can participate as much or as little as you want and combine it with your daily walk.  It promotes exercise and environment at the same time.  We will be posting monthly updates on the progress and fun facts that may engage readers.  If you feel you want to participate you can always contact the organizer here:


If you are in a charitable mood you can always donate to the gofundme by clicking here:

What is the Barefoot Buckets Challenge?

Between now and Earth Day I will pick up as many 5 gallon buckets worth of litter as possible. For each full bucket I pick up I will donate $1 along with any money I happen to raise to some organization that promotes environmental restoration in Northeast Wisconsin. My goal is to pick up 300 buckets of litter by Earth Day. As the name implies, I will do all of my litter walks barefoot. This will be a challenge due to this little thing called winter in Wisconsin.


Why Barefoot?

Because I’m me and that’s what I do. But there are other reasons as well. For one, it makes people curious about what I’m doing so it gives me the chance to start a conversation. I would also like to think that if more people went barefoot people would think twice about what they are throwing on the ground. Picking up litter and going barefoot also reminds me that all things have an end of life cycle. Whether they are single use or multi-use items, everything is a finite use item that needs to be thrown away at some point. I’m far from perfect, but whether it’s not wearing shoes or not consuming some other material item, we should all be more conscious of the trash we are generating. Sure, there are more important things in the world than picking up litter, but I think that making sure some critter doesn’t choke on a candy wrapper is important enough.





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