Wisconsin’s Best Valentines Day Treats

Valentines day is upon us once again, and sometimes it can be difficult to come up with fresh new ideas when it comes to treating your significant other to a great day.  Although every day should be “Valentines Day”, that’s just not realistic.  So here are a few ideas to make February 14th a day… [Read More]

Christmas Hacks To Help You This Year

Christmas can be a stressful time of year, with decorations and family and meals to prepare.  Sometimes it’s good to remember what it was like to be a kid during the holiday.  I think some of these life hacks can help with that Click to Enlarge Photo                … [Read More]

Craziest Halloween Costumes 2018

Now that Halloween is over, let’s see what kind of insanity people brought to the table: Granny Halloween Costume for Babies Beer Pong Cup Funny Costume for Men Blessings in Disguise Funny Costume Funny Golden Girls Costumes Head in the Clouds Funny Costume Box Wine Halloween Costume Punny French Kiss  “It’s Raining Men” Costume “Ace… [Read More]