Cheaper To Refinance After 01/02/20

The holidays are upon us and usually the last thing on peoples minds are their homes and finances.  It’s a time we spend more freely and appreciate the non-material items (except the kids).  That being said we can all use a little monetary relief after the holiday season.  That’s why it’s actually cheaper to refinance your home after the first of the year.


Why is it cheaper?

Real estate taxes are paid 1 time annually in Wisconsin.  For those of us who escrow our taxes and insurance that means our accounts are plumb as stockings on Christmas morning.  So if you were to refinance anytime between October -December, you would have to refill that account entirely.


Waiting actually saves money

If you wait until after the first of the year to start your refinance you will find your taxes are already paid, therefore we do NOT have to account for all that excessive escrow money.  We can build less into your loan or you bring less to close.  This is especially useful with our FHA streamline refinances and VA IRRRL refinances.


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Happy Holidays!

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