Make The Most of Your Apartment Space

The typical apartment ranges from 300 Square feet to 1,000/ square feet with the average apartment size in America being 889 square feet.  With our busy lifestyles and our habits for collecting things we can fill that space up very quickly, inevitably turning your apartment into an episode of “hoarders”.  Here are some tips to maximize the limited space.

Go vertical

The more items you can stack upward and not outward, the better chances you will have of utilizing your space more efficiently.  Utilizing space above doorways, above your clothes in the closet, above the cabinets in your kitchen are all ways of increasing your efficiency and giving your apartment a little flair at the same time.

Hidden Spaces

There are numerous pieces of furniture that have compartments within them for clothes and personal items.  If you are working with a minimal space, be sure to consider something like this:

Image result for bed with drawers


We’ve been hearing this for years, the more you can reduce the more space (and money) you will have.  It’s easy to procure items but most of these items get thrown in drawers and boxed only to be moved onto the next space.  Get in the habit of purchasing less and spending that money on something that will give you returns, which brings me to my next point:


Buying a home can be a great way to give you more space for the same (or less cost) as renting an apartment.  Aside from the added space benefit it builds equity.  Keep in mind that rent will continue to increase and apartments will continue to get smaller.  Buying a home now can save you money long term at the same time it gives you the space you need.  The average home size is 2,400 square feet in America.  That’s 3 times the average apartment size.  The average mortgage payment in America? $1,030.

You do the math!

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