Why People Buy Homes


Why are you buying? This should be the first question you ask yourself before getting pre-qualified or doing any research.  What are the reasons you want a home?  There is no right answer to this question, everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get their “piece of the pie”.  In the end it’s important to understand… [Read More]

Introducing a New First Time Home Buyer Loan


If you have been looking at homes you’ve probably heard the phrase “Home Ready” and “Home Possible”.   These are common first time home buyer loans because they only require a 3% down payment and have reduced mortgage insurance requirements.  What a lot of people do not know?  Home Ready and Home Possible are restricted by… [Read More]

Best Time For First Time Home Buyers


The 1980’s brought extraordinarily high interest rates in the double digits, the 90’s brought them down a little and we experienced a refinance boom.  As the 2000’s approached we saw Washington deregulating the mortgage industry in an effort to pull us out of the nosedive our economy was facing with the DOTCOM bubble.  The downside… [Read More]

Wisconsin’s Most Expensive Real Estate


Wisconsin is typically a reasonably priced area to buy a home in, with moderate real estate prices and a decent living wage; I thought it would be nice to compare some of the most expensive real estate in Wisconsin to it’s average $193,003 value.   N1860 N Black Point Dr, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 $10,790,000 W4396… [Read More]

What Happens With a Low Appraisal


One of the more pressing concerns I see with clients is the appraisal, they have questions and concerns regarding time frame and outcome.  It makes complete sense because it’s such a crucial part of the loan process and no one wants a low appraisal.  On the same note clients want to know the home they… [Read More]

What Happens To Real Estate If The Government Shuts Down in February?

The senate and house have reopened the Government with a bill that has put thousands of government employees back to work, pending an agreement this funding only lasts until 2/15/19.  At which time a bill on President Trumps desk will need to be signed, establishing a longer term agreement. January 22nd, 2019 I put together… [Read More]

Tips to Improve Your Credit (Without Expensive Restoration Companies)


If you’re on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn you will notice there is an abundance of credit restoration ads that say things like: “Raise your credit 100 points with this 30 second trick” I’m going to tell you from experience, there is no “30 second trick” to raising your credit score. A good credit score comes… [Read More]