Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

So the kids are stir-crazy because the rain won’t stop coming down, the house is a mess and they’re constantly asking for something to do.  You’re home all summer with the kids and you’re stuck inside.  This can remind you have a cold day in winter where you are cramped up and have cabin fever, here are some ideas to beat the rainy day blues:

Create a Town in a Cardboard Box

If you have a giant cardboard box, why not draw a town on the bottom of the box, with roads, tracks, bridges, parks, car-parks, etc. Add some wooden building blocks, cars, trains and some wooden/plastic animals. Then let your kid’s imagination run wild. Older kids could help with decorating/creating the scene.  Here is a video with some ideas:

 Indoor Treasure Hunt

Our free indoor treasure hunt sheet has all you have to do is provide each child with their printed treasure hunt and a small box to collect their items!

 Board Games

You should always have a vast array of board games at your disposal for such a day.  Here are a list of the most common kids board games: 


A great way to waste away a rainy day (or at least a few hours).  Discover some new recipes with the kids.  Here are a list of easy kids baking ideas

 Make a Magazine

Set up a family News Desk at the kitchen table! Decide on what stories are going to go in the magazine. Could be a profile of someone in the family, maybe an interview with a grandparent, will someone take photos or draw pictures. Maybe there could be a fun corner with a puzzle or a joke in it.


Always a winner (also Linkin Logs)


Hold an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

This can be fun for adults too.  A simple 10 item scavenger hunt can be a good expenditure of several hours if thought out.



Haven’t mastered the great art of Origami?  Maybe a rainy day is the best time to do this.  Here is a video:


Whatever you decide to do on your rainy days make sure you have a place to do it.  If you’re thinking of buying a home so you can practice some of these fun activities, call me today.  I’m available to discuss a variety of options available to you and your family,



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