Celebrity Dream Homes


Ever wonder how the worlds most popular people live?  What kind of homes do they buy?  Well here is a quick list of a few celebrity homes (probably 2nd homes) that will make you wonder no more. Brad Pitt: Cost: 1.7 m 5,338 Square Feet Location: Los Feliz California Celine Dion Cost: 12.5 M Jupiter… [Read More]

Historic Real Estate in Green Bay Wis.

Green Bay is a city rich in history, it’s home to more than 50 historical buildings spread throughout the city.  Some buildings were constructed by architectural firms in the early 1900’s, some by people who used them as their personal living quarters far before that (as far back as 1838)  Here is a list of… [Read More]

Best Smokers For Your Summer

Sometimes you like to grill your food, sometimes you like to smoke it.  They both have that unique flavor, and when you have a traditional summer get together you can really exercise your “secret recipe”.  But if you’re dealing with a sub-par smoker your party will never fully enjoy it the way you anticipated.  So… [Read More]

Rainy Day Activities for the Kids

So the kids are stir-crazy because the rain won’t stop coming down, the house is a mess and they’re constantly asking for something to do.  You’re home all summer with the kids and you’re stuck inside.  This can remind you have a cold day in winter where you are cramped up and have cabin fever,… [Read More]

4 Easy Home Decorating Tips Anyone Can Do

The typical American will spend a lot of their time in in the place they live.  Between sleeping, eating and just relaxing after a hard days work, your home feels much better when it’s laid out just right.  Whether you own a home or rent a home it’s the same story, you want a place… [Read More]

Green Bay Summer Events

Welcome to summer in Green Bay!  When we try to forget winter and heavy coats until hunting season comes around again.  While you’re working on those summer tans and weekend plans  here are some fun events you can fit into your busy schedules:  Badger State Block Party 2019 Sat, Jul 27, 12 – 10 PM… [Read More]