Mortgage Rates at All Time Low


Did you know that interest rates are lower now than they were during the great depression?  That is right, rates are lower now than the worst economic time in America’s history.  So, if you’ve been on the fence about buying a home or refinancing, maybe you should consider acting now. With 30 year fixed rates… [Read More]

Mortgage Rates (For Some) at all Time Lows


With the recent pandemic taking it’s toll we’ve seen conventional financing at all time high.  This is because government lending is having difficulty getting guarantees.  The government backed loans like FHA, VA and USDA have restricted their credit score requirements in an effort to curb risky lending.  This has caused more borrowers to lean towards… [Read More]

COVID 19 Creates Unique Benefit For Homeowners


The term “COVID-19″ is now a household name and will likely be for many years to come, synonymous with terms like “influenza”.  There has been a dramatic turn in the economy and everyone is victim in some way.  Whether your employer is laying people off or adjusting to having employees work from home, it’s a… [Read More]

COVID 19 Expectations for the Real Estate Industry


Everyone is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, the virus has caused uncertainty in the financial markets and anxiety in peoples personal lives.  There are many theories about why such precautions are being taken, and the simple fact is we are in un-chartered waters; there is no protocol for what we are experiencing…. [Read More]

How is COVID-19 Affecting Mortgage Rates


2020 has already been very interesting.  The outbreak of the infamous “COVID-19″ virus has influenced financial markets in a way no one has ever seen before.  The initial outbreak caused a dramatic dip in the stock market, which caused a decrease in the bond market, thus lowering interest rates to a point we haven’t seen… [Read More]

Another Fall in Mortgage Rates?

There has been quite a bit of talk about the Federal Reserve cutting rates again.  With the last decade being substantially lower than they have been for many years, some are wondering why the rate cut?  When you dig into it a little more you can see the strategy behind it. We are experiencing an… [Read More]

Mortgage Rate Prediction 2019-2020

The Federal Reserve just conducted their 4th meeting of 2019.  These meetings discuss the direction of our financial policy and directly influence mortgage rates.  Over the last few years the reserve has kept rates low with a few rises here and there.  The goal has been to maintain the economy in the steadiest way possible. … [Read More]