Down Payment Assistance Is Available Today

Over the last several months we have put effort into ensuring that clients who are eligible to receive down payment assistance receive it in all surrounding counties.   So we’ve partnered with many local resources ranging from Brown County through Manitowoc county.  With this effort we have been able to partner with new and exciting down payment resources to assist our clients with homeownership sooner.  Here are some new features of the departments we’ve partnered with:

Appleton Housing Authority:

We’re very excited to utilize AHA and their programs.  They will give up to $10,000 for home buyers looking in Calumet and Outagamie counties, these programs are able to work with both conventional and FHA products.  You can find more out on their website here:


Manitowoc County 5442 Home

A $5,000 grant is available to people looking for a home within the Manitowoc city limits.  The exciting part of this program is it works with both FHA and Conventional financing, but doesn’t have the same income restrictions as many other down payment assistance programs.  You can find out more about 5422 Home here.


Neighborworks Green Bay

Located on Jackson street in Green Bay, this group offers the most variety.  With programs that range from down payment assistance to rehabilitation, they have assistance that can fit most anyone’s situation.  As long as you adhere to the guidelines.  

You can find out more about Neighborworks and how they can help you by clicking here.


The Take Away

If you are buying a home and feel you are able to qualify for down payment assistance, it’s important to checking with a qualified loan officer to know your options.  Make sure you are working with someone who is experienced in different down payment assistance programs, and has the ability to work with them.  Some lenders are unable to work with certain agencies because it’s a conflict of interest.  But if you assess your qualifications and nail down a good lender, you should be fine!

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