Down Payment Assistance Is Available Today

Over the last several months we have put effort into ensuring that clients who are eligible to receive down payment assistance receive it in all surrounding counties.   So we’ve partnered with many local resources ranging from Brown County through Manitowoc county.  With this effort we have been able to partner with new and exciting down… [Read More]

What You Need to Know to Buy a Home in 2019

Buying a home is a different experience from person to person.  Everyone handles the responsibility of applying, searching and closing in their own way.  It doesn’t matter how much research you’ve done and how many times you’ve been through it, there are still situations that leave you scratching your head saying “Now I know”.  Regardless… [Read More]

Why Buy?

If you are currently renting an apartment, duplex or home, you may notice that over the last 5 years the cost of renting has drifted upward.  Maybe not every year, but over the national average rents in Midwest have increased on average 4.1% for two bedrooms, 2.5% for one bedrooms, and 3.8% for studio apartments. source… [Read More]

How to Get the Best Mortgage

When you are considering purchasing a home and you are speaking with your potential loan officer, it’s important to remember that transparency is very important.  Your LO (loan officer) wants to ensure the smoothest transaction possible, because no one likes issues during this very important moment in your life.  There may be things you don’t… [Read More]

Best Time For First Time Home Buyers

The 1980’s brought extraordinarily high interest rates in the double digits, the 90’s brought them down a little and we experienced a refinance boom.  As the 2000’s approached we saw Washington deregulating the mortgage industry in an effort to pull us out of the nosedive our economy was facing with the DOTCOM bubble.  The downside… [Read More]

11 Common Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Make

Deciding to purchase your first home is a big decision, one you are not taking lightly.  Most people approach this milestone with caution because they know the responsibility of home ownership.  Sometimes that caution can overshadow reason, the result can be a lack of action that is costly and frustrating.  So I put together this… [Read More]

First Time Home Buyer Video

What Can I Do Now? You can Sign up for mortgage rates here Read the About me section and learn more about how I conduct business reviews are a great way to see who you are dealing with if all that checks out you can apply here Justin Scott Loan Officer NMLS 878581 C) 920-530-4484 O) 920-490-8823 F) 920-490-8967 Executive… [Read More]

Cities Where You Can Still Buy a Home for $100,000

What can $100,000 buy you in 2019 when it comes to the housing market?  It really depends on where you look.  Obviously somewhere like New York City, $100,000 gets you a lot less than Akron Ohio.  But here are some visual reminders of the difference: 3279 Hull Ave APT 11, Bronx, NY 10467 ( $75,000 ) … [Read More]

First Time Home Buyer Survival Guide

  I spent some time putting this “survival guide” together for buyers with questions, in my career I understand the mix of emotions that a client incurs when making such a big decision.  I want my buyers to know I am always available for a phone call or email, but if you feel the need… [Read More]