4 Easy Home Decorating Tips Anyone Can Do

The typical American will spend a lot of their time in in the place they live.  Between sleeping, eating and just relaxing after a hard days work, your home feels much better when it’s laid out just right.  Whether you own a home or rent a home it’s the same story, you want a place… [Read More]

Down Payment Assistance Is Available Today

Over the last several months we have put effort into ensuring that clients who are eligible to receive down payment assistance receive it in all surrounding counties.   So we’ve partnered with many local resources ranging from Brown County through Manitowoc county.  With this effort we have been able to partner with new and exciting down… [Read More]

Why Buy?

If you are currently renting an apartment, duplex or home, you may notice that over the last 5 years the cost of renting has drifted upward.  Maybe not every year, but over the national average rents in Midwest have increased on average 4.1% for two bedrooms, 2.5% for one bedrooms, and 3.8% for studio apartments. source… [Read More]