How Long Does it Take to Buy a Home?

How long does it take to find, buy and close on a home?  This is a common question I get asked almost every meeting, particularly fro m first time home buyers.  It’s such a good question because it gives clients a time frame to prepare themselves for such a big event.  Because as you know there are a whirlwind of emotions that go into buying a home.  If a client has a better understanding of how long this takes, it typically makes the whole process much smoother.  Here are a few key things to remember while asking this question:

What to Consider

Buying a home is a big decision, but with the right team behind you it can be a smooth transaction that leaves you feeling elated and satisfied.  Before you consider buying a home you should know the reasons you want to undertake this responsibility, so I’ve included a list of things to consider before buying a home.

Everyone is different:

Everyone’s timeline to buy a home is different, it all depends where your thought process is.  If you are merely contemplating the idea of buying your first home the timeline will be longer because you need to gauge information and learn.  Here is a good example of a typical time line once you have an accepted offer.

Your timeline depends on you

There is a lot of information out there about buying homes, and a lot of advertisement offering unbelievable deals to the first time home buyer.  It can be overwhelming and sometimes discouraging, it’s recommended you find your information from a local, reputable source; someone who is experienced with first time buyers and the questions they have.

Know Your Options

Part of the struggle I see with buyers is their concern about getting the best deal, they have not formed those relationships within the industry that they can trust, this is a very common reason some buyers take so long to make a decision.  Here is a list of options available to you as far as loans are concerned, feel free to call with any questions about them.

 Down Payment Assistance

There are a variety of down payment assistance programs available to buyers, and you don’t have to be a first time buyer to get them.  Here is some information on down payment assistance that may help you decide.


 The End Result

The end result should be you getting a home you are satisfied with and feel good about, which home that is depends on you.  Once you’ve paired with a good lender and real estate agent the process should be much smoother.  Please call with any questions, you can find my contact information below.