How to Get the Best Mortgage

When you are considering purchasing a home and you are speaking with your potential loan officer, it’s important to remember that transparency is very important.  Your LO (loan officer) wants to ensure the smoothest transaction possible, because no one likes issues during this very important moment in your life.  There may be things you don’t consider relevant to your home loan that could be the difference between qualifying and not, know that an open line of communication is crucial to your success.

You cannot communicate too much

I have many clients that feel they are “bothering” me with their questions, I want to make it clear that they are not.  I understand you have a lot riding on this transaction and it’s very important, that is why I encourage clients to ask as many questions as they can.  If a 5 minute phone call on a Saturday afternoon can save us a weeks worth of paperwork; I am all in.


Understanding what is being said

If you don’t work in the mortgage industry the chances are the terminology and timeline are a mystery to you.  That is expected and it’s my job to explain it the best possible way.  If something is not clear it’s a good idea to ask if it can be explained a different way, the more you understand the better the process goes.


 Get the proper documents

One thing that slows the loan process is inaccurate documents, this can be anything from a missing page in your bank statement to an illegible fax.  If an underwriter catches these items they will ask for them, it will delay the underwriting process by a couple days until they get what they require.  So ensure when you’re sending pages they are legible and complete.


 Trust the professionals

When you start this process it’s going to be a mix of emotions you’ve never felt before; anticipation, anxiety, fear, excitement, doubt and frustration.  Remember that you are working with a qualified loan officer and most likely a qualified real estate agent it’s good to know you can trust your team to lead you through this process efficiently and on time.  So when you are prepared to start your search, give me a call so we can discuss what options are available to you.  Buying a home is 90% preparation and about 10% execution.


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