4 Easy Home Decorating Tips Anyone Can Do

The typical American will spend a lot of their time in in the place they live.  Between sleeping, eating and just relaxing after a hard days work, your home feels much better when it’s laid out just right.  Whether you own a home or rent a home it’s the same story, you want a place to get away from the outside world.  I put together a list of effective ways you can make your living space the way you want (inexpensive too)

Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors to help make the room feel larger.

Painting a room in lighter colors can give the illusion it’s larger, if your space doesn’t have the luxury of large windows,  strategically place some large mirrors it can amplify this effect.  Here is an example of how to make the most of your apartment space.


Large windows or mirrors are a great way to make a space feel more expansive

Green is Always a GO

Plants can give your living space a new feel very easily, placing several plants around your apartment or home can quickly change the feel of your space.  Hanging them around windows and mirrors will give you an increased effect and also provide them with the much needed light they require.  If you have high ceilings you can hang them higher giving a canopy feel.


You are able to change the feel of your home very easily with some plant life.

Paint or wallpaper your bookcases.

This gets you a long way with only a little work.  It allows you to color match your furniture better as well as have some accent pieces that may extenuate your living space.  You are able to get funky with your designs.  It’s great for the children too, you can make a family friendly day out of painting old furniture for their rooms.

Painting the backside of a book shelf the same color as the wall gives the appearance of shelves instead of a book shelf.




If you have some foresight you may be able to coordinate the rugs with the aforementioned painted bookshelves, really tying a room together.  Rugs are cheap if you can find something at Goodwill or a thrift shop.  Often times you can find some really unique pieces at these places.  If your home or apartment has a lot of wood flooring, this is a great way to soften it.

Well placed rugs are a solid move to warm the home

Other Ideas

Aside from decorating tips you can always find ways to save money.  If you own a home here is an article on inexpensive home maintenance; some quick and easy tips on how to save yourself money by preventing the simple things that can go wrong in your home.

If you’re thinking about a renovation project you are more than welcome to check out what home projects really pay off too.

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