Thinking of buying a home in 2019? Read this.

As spring approaches and the weather turns in our favor, the heat increases as the coats and sweatshirts go into hibernation.  We also see business pick up, not only in real estate but in many other sectors like construction and retail.  As people return from their winter slumber they are ready to enjoy the most out of the limited warm weather Wisconsin offers.  This creates a unique situation in real estate that you should be prepared for if you want to buy this year. So here is a guide to prepare for the upcoming spring real estate market.

Be Prepared

The old boy scout motto reigns true in many aspects of life, and buying a home is not excluded.  Being prepared for the sudden rush of buyers is crucial to your real estate acquisition.  If you are unaware how to get prepared, I’ve written another article called: How Much Home Can Your Afford.  It will outline the requirements for getting pre-approved.  Touching on subjects like credit, debt-to-income ratios and more.  Education is by far the most important part of any investing, and buying a home is no different.


Find a good lender

This one is often overlooked because people haven’t done their research, people often apply for a mortgage without checking out all available options.  This can be a costly mistake, especially when it’s never been easier to get pre-approved and it costs nothing.  A home is a large investment, likely one of the largest ones you will make in your life; so it’s absolutely necessary to get at least 2 quotes.   Work with someone who you connect with, someone you trust and that is completely transparent; make sure they prioritize your business and act quickly.  In this upcoming housing market the people who get the homes are using the lenders who act quick and efficiently.  Here is an article about getting the best loan: How To Get The Best Mortgage.  It’s going to clarify a few things you may not have known previously.

Find a good realtor

Just as you would use the best lender, use the best realtor.  I cannot emphasize this enough, because not all realtors are created equal.  Real estate is a game of “who you know” just as much as “what you know”.  So working with the best agent is going to put you ahead of the rest because they have connections within the community, some realtors are social butterflies that know everyone and draw everyone in.  These are the agents that know about the “sweet deals” that others may not, simply because their church pastor or best friend comes to them first as a trusted professional.  Working with someone like this will increase your probability of getting a home.  Here is a link to find one of these realtors:  Find a realtor.

When its time to move, MOVE!

There is no time for sitting on the fence in 2019.  This means if  you’ve made up your mind to buy a house, then BUY!.  There are multitude of reasons people buy homes, make sure you are buying for the right reasons, here is an article to help with that No one can tell you what the right reason is except you, but when your realtor says this is a good deal, or this won’t last long:  THEY MEAN IT!.  Hesitating for even one day can be the difference between getting the home and not.

The take away

If you are even considering buying a home in 2019 or 2020, the first step is to get pre-approved.

It’s free, easy and if you have the right professional working with you, it can be fun too.  This is going to determine your payments, type of loan and time frame.  The last thing you want is to do these things in the wrong order, it can be costly and frustrating.  So, contact me with any questions and we can get started answering them.


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