15 Solid Life Hacks Your Kids Can Use

Life Hacks are not just for adults.  There are a few tricks that can apply to your daily life to organize and protect it.   Hopefully you find these useful! 1. Use plastic cups to cover hands. 2. Recycle coffee cups as paint and brush holder in one. 3 .Remove glassware rings with toothpaste. 4…. [Read More]

20 Easy Cooking Hacks

Cooking is an inevitable part of household life, so here are a few ways to make easier. 1. Put ice cream in a bag before putting it in the freezer Ice cream can get rock hard in the freezer and it takes ages to thaw out just enough that you can eat it. A simple… [Read More]

15 Of The Best Life Hacks Available

1. Fork that Oreo 2. Simple as new way to cut 3. Muffin Paper and Popsicle?  Yes. 4. Making Pasta?   5. Thank you Smart Phone 6. Aside from marking which can is yours, it can hold your straw 7.Or any delicious strawberry treat! 8. the 80’s are back! 9. and it has other advantages….. 10. Soap Genetics! 11. I suppose. 12…. [Read More]

Northeast Wisconsin’s Best Pumpkin Patches

Brown County Apple Valley Orchard –  apples and pumpkins 1670 Mar-El Rd, DePere, WI. Phone: 920-336-0667. Email: info@applevalleyllc.com. Open 9 to 5 pm daily during season, September to Thanksgiving. pre-picked and pick-your-own apples. Also pumpkins and crafts. Blaser’s Acres – pumpkins, pumpkins for sale in the shop or farmstand, pumpkin patch-pick in the field, pumpkin patch- already gathered… [Read More]

24 Really Bad Real Estate Photos

You may have been looking at houses recently, so you’ve walked into some that are beautiful and some that are………not for you.   I threw together 25 photos from those houses that you put on your “nope list”.                       Did we go back to the Victorian Age? … [Read More]