Historic Real Estate in Green Bay Wis.


Green Bay is a city rich in history, it’s home to more than 50 historical buildings spread throughout the city.  Some buildings were constructed by architectural firms in the early 1900’s, some by people who used them as their personal living quarters far before that (as far back as 1838)  Here is a list of… [Read More]

Mortgage Rate Prediction 2019-2020


The Federal Reserve just conducted their 4th meeting of 2019.  These meetings discuss the direction of our financial policy and directly influence mortgage rates.  Over the last few years the reserve has kept rates low with a few rises here and there.  The goal has been to maintain the economy in the steadiest way possible. … [Read More]

How to cancel your FHA mortgage insurance

how-to-cancel-your-fha-mortgage-insurance-premiums - florida realty marketplace

In 20012 the FHA made the mortgage insurance on their loans temporary, it would cancel out when the borrower reached 22% equity.  In July of 2013 they changed that rule and made mortgage insurance permanent for any borrower who put less than 10% down on their purchase.  That means borrowers who put the minimum 3.5%… [Read More]

What Is My Home Worth?


Putting the data in your hands: We’ve designed a useful tool for realtors, lenders and clients alike.  A way to get a detailed report on your home and include the potential value.  The report covers a variety of information you may not have previously considered, including future value forecast, comparable properties that have sold recently… [Read More]

Home Inspections and Appraisals


There are two pivotal times in every clients loan that always cause tension:  the home inspection and the appraisal.  Likely because these two reports will decipher the value and quality of the home buyers purchase, it’s no wonder they are biting their fingernails waiting for the results.  I see quite a few real estate agents… [Read More]

What Happens To Real Estate If The Government Shuts Down in February?

The senate and house have reopened the Government with a bill that has put thousands of government employees back to work, pending an agreement this funding only lasts until 2/15/19.  At which time a bill on President Trumps desk will need to be signed, establishing a longer term agreement. January 22nd, 2019 I put together… [Read More]