Are You Missing The Refinance Boom?

With the market sustaining a healthy 10-20% increase in home values from 2016 until now, it opens up some unique doors for homeowners who bought in the 2014-2016 market.  If you were lucky enough to buy then you have a house and mortgage rate secured before the inevitable rise. This puts you in a good… [Read More]

First Time Buyer? Consider This…

The decision to buy a home isn’t one to be made lightly.  It’s a culmination of months (if not years) of thought and preparation, mentally asking yourself if this is an undertaking you are ready and willing to proceed with.  By the time you have come to the conclusion it’s the right time to buy… [Read More]

How Much Home Can You Afford?

So you’ve made the decision to buy a home, you’re excited and picturing tile floors, kitchen islands with cook tops in them, maple cabinets, fenced in yards and 3 stall garages.  The perfect dream home, you’ve done some research and figured the houses you want are in a particular price range; you’ve saved a good… [Read More]

Mortgage Brokers are Taking Back The Market

Back in November 2018 I wrote an article called What is a true mortgage broker?. It outlined the differences between the big banks and the independent companies like mine who can provide a mortgage for you.  Unfortunately, most people still think of their bank when getting a home, and that’s why mortgage brokers only have about 20%… [Read More]

When Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

for when it’s right to refinance, it’s more a matter of making sense.  If you’re reading this you may be considering refinancing your mortgage for one of these reasons, or maybe a different one.  Let’s take some time to go through some scenarios to see if they apply to you.   When Does It Make… [Read More]

Here Are The Documents You Need For A Mortgage Pre-Approval

When qualifying for a mortgage it is expected that certain documentation representing your financial life will be expected.  So here is a list of some ordinary (and not so ordinary) things you may be required to provide (any why)   Standard Mortgage Documentation: 1. Tax returns (most recent 2 years, all pages) Mortgage lenders want… [Read More]

24 Really Bad Real Estate Photos

You may have been looking at houses recently, so you’ve walked into some that are beautiful and some that are………not for you.   I threw together 25 photos from those houses that you put on your “nope list”.                       Did we go back to the Victorian Age? … [Read More]

How To Prepare for Rising Rates

Graph of Unemployment Rates 2000's - current

It’s been clear over the last 10 months that mortgage rates are surging upwards in the face of the improving economy.  Stock markets are doing better (minus the small dip last week) and housing prices have leveled out.  Unemployment is down to 3.7%, which is the lowest it’s been in 10 years.  Those of you… [Read More]

An Introduction

Hello everyone, This is the very first blog on my new website and I thought about what the most appropriate topic would be. Because my website is all about branding and information for my clients, I thought the best topic would be why Executive Mortgage may be the best fit for you. First, executive Mortgage… [Read More]