Federal Reserve Meeting Calendar

Below are the meeting dates, PDF / HTML calendars and the summary of the meeting. 2018 FOMC Meetings January 30-31 Statement: PDF | HTML Implementation Note Longer-Run Goals and Policy Strategy Minutes: PDF | HTML (Released February 21, 2018) March 20-21* Statement: PDF | HTML Implementation Note Press Conference Projection Materials PDF | HTML Minutes: PDF | HTML (Released April 11, 2018) May 1-2 Statement: PDF | HTML… [Read More]

Northeast Wisconsin’s Best Pumpkin Patches

Brown County Apple Valley Orchard –  apples and pumpkins 1670 Mar-El Rd, DePere, WI. Phone: 920-336-0667. Email: info@applevalleyllc.com. Open 9 to 5 pm daily during season, September to Thanksgiving. pre-picked and pick-your-own apples. Also pumpkins and crafts. Blaser’s Acres – pumpkins, pumpkins for sale in the shop or farmstand, pumpkin patch-pick in the field, pumpkin patch- already gathered… [Read More]

24 Really Bad Real Estate Photos

You may have been looking at houses recently, so you’ve walked into some that are beautiful and some that are………not for you.   I threw together 25 photos from those houses that you put on your “nope list”.                       Did we go back to the Victorian Age? … [Read More]

How To Prepare for Rising Rates

Graph of Unemployment Rates 2000's - current

It’s been clear over the last 10 months that mortgage rates are surging upwards in the face of the improving economy.  Stock markets are doing better (minus the small dip last week) and housing prices have leveled out.  Unemployment is down to 3.7%, which is the lowest it’s been in 10 years.  Those of you… [Read More]

An Introduction

Hello everyone, This is the very first blog on my new website and I thought about what the most appropriate topic would be. Because my website is all about branding and information for my clients, I thought the best topic would be why Executive Mortgage may be the best fit for you. First, executive Mortgage… [Read More]